We teach leaders and their teams to develop the skills to think and act smarter through the practical approach of what we call Intelligent Action.


IA is a practical proven set of tools and methods that leaders and teams can practise to dramatically improve their teamwork, innovation, customer satisfaction and profitability.


Leadership is the art and science of creating space for people to flourish.


Great leaders know how to build strong and inspired teams that generate continuous innovation. This is the internal cycle of performance that drives superior customer service and financial success.

We work with individual leaders to discover their own "gold dust". We focus on specialised techniques that promote intelligent action on the one hand, and deeper philosophy to generate new levels of leadership gravitas on the other.

We combine over two decades of experience working with hundreds of leaders with the latest literature and concepts around leadership.


Great teamwork is the key to our evolution.


Teamwork is the complex and dynamic space that either inspires or destroys creativity and progress. 

The secret to great teamwork is in implementing new and special high energy rules and actions that make the team members feel safe, secure and organised on the one hand and motivated and inspired with a strong sense of collective journey and purpose on the other.

Quanta has evolved and customised practical and proven methods that generate high performance teams.






We help you customise your conference and inject some wizardry into your workshop to generate the energy we know you want.


We will bring experience combined with the latest concepts and our own brand of creativity to best match your strategic and business objectives.